Investment legislations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :

·   Economic Policy: .The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an advanced economic policy, and it puts a lot of effort into achieving economic transformation and innovation through the Kingdom's "Vision 2030" program

"Vision 2030": It’s a comprehensive plan to modernize and diversify the Saudi economy away from heavy dependence on oil. Such vision includes the development of non-oil sectors such as entertainment and tourism, education, health, and technology. You can read more via these links:

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  • The Main Investment Sectors: The main investment sectors in the Kingdom include real estate, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, healthcare, education, and technology. For example, but not limited to, the most promising investment sectors in the Kingdom:

  • 1- The Industry Sector:

  • -A great opportunity to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in the growth and diversification of the Kingdom's resources and economy .
    - The availability of an attractive climate that is based on developed industrial cities, complete infrastructure, high-quality services, and an extensive logistical network .
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  • 2- The Chemical Industry Sector:

  • - The largest chemical market in the Middle East and North Africa region .
    - The world's largest integrated chemical complexes .
    - Increasing its value through the "Transformation Industries" program, which stimulates industrial growth in various fields, making it the main driver for the development of the chemical industries sector .
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  • 3- The Metals and Mining Sector:

  • - Enormous growth and rapid expansion in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 .
    - The abundance of raw resources in the Saudi soil .
    - The strategic and important location of the Kingdom, which gives local manufacturers an excellent position for export .
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  • 4- The Communications and Information Technology Sector:

  • - The beating heart in the world of advanced industries .
    - The largest information technology market in the Middle East .
    - It is distinguished by major technical projects such as the city of NEOM, Waad Al Shamal, the Red Sea project, and Qiddiya .
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  • 5- The Energy and Water Sector:

  • - One of the most important strategic sectors in the Kingdom .
    - An important opportunity for investors to enable their role and shape the transformation witnessed by the sector .
    - Classifying of the Kingdom as one of the leading and most advanced countries in the energy and water sector in the world .
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  • 6- The Health Sector:

  • - Continuous and ever-growing demand .
    - Various challenges in many health aspects and fields .
    - It provides great investment opportunities to drive economic growth, enable innovations, and activate advanced technologies .
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  • 7- The Transport and Logistics Sector:

  • - The Kingdom's strategic location, which represents the crossroads of important international trade between three continents "Asia, Europe and Africa" .
    - Diversity of transport and logistics infrastructure, such as ports, railways, roads, and airports .
    - Promising opportunities to contribute to the Kingdom's new transportation model .
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  • 8- The Tourism, Culture and Entertainment Sector:

  • - The Kingdom's interest in attracting tourists from all over the world to visit the Kingdom .
    - Picturesque natural scenes, rich cultural heritage, and archaeological sites registered with UNESCO .
    - Promising investment opportunities to achieve the largest transformations the world has experienced to stimulate domestic tourism .

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  • "The Investment Law and its Implementing Regulations"

Foreign investors should be aware of the rules and regulations related to foreign investment in the Kingdom. The General Investment Authority (SAGIA) provides detailed information regarding these rules and regulations

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  • "The New Companies Law and its Implementing Regulations"
    .Foreign investors should understand the business culture in the Kingdom and the method of dealing with business partners and clients

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  • "Financial and Tax Regulations"
    .Foreign investors should seek legal advice to understand local laws and how they affect their investments

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  • "Government Fees"
    .Foreign investors should fully understand the taxes and fees associated with investing in the Kingdom

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  • "Human Resources"
    Saudi Arabia focuses on developing human resources and manpower through education and training, especially in the technological fields

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  • Governmental Bodies Directly Related to Investment in the Kingdom :

  • 1- The General Investment Authority (SAGIA):

  • The General Investment Authority is the first point of contact for foreign investors. SAGIA provides information about investing in Saudi Arabia, including laws, regulations, and opportunities
  • 2- The Ministry of Commerce and Investment:

  • .The Ministry deals with all commercial and investment issues, including commercial permits and the regulation of commercial practices
  • 3- The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP):

  • .If the investment involves innovations, patents, trademarks or copyrights, interaction must be made with SAIP to protect intellectual property
  • 4- The Ministry of Labor and Social Development:

  • .If the company is looking to hire workers in Saudi Arabia, it must contact this ministry to ensure compliance with labor laws
  • 5- The Commercial Court :
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  • 6- General Customs Authorit :
    .If the business involves the import or export of goods, it shall be necessary to contact the General Customs Authority
  • 7- Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON):

  • .If the investment is in the industrial sector, it may be necessary to deal with MODON, which deals with the development and management of industrial cities
  • 8- Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO):

  • .To comply with local measures and standards in the field of quality


Commercial Judiciary and Arbitration

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